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Complete control
over resource usage and costs.
Open prices.
No hidden expenses.
A core base-plan with all essentials.
A full-featured scheduler
to plan resource usage.

What We Offer

24/7 Support

Get fast and professional assistance whenever you need it.

Flexible Options

Instantly adjust resources like CPU, RAM, storage, and IO speed. All without the need for a system reboot.

Easy to Use

Effortlessly manage any part of your products with a user-friendly interface.

Server Security

Get up-to-date protection against known security risks. And also an antivirus service for malware detection.

Free Backups

Get free backups monthly, weekly, and daily.

Up-to-date Software

With kernelCare, be guaranteed a software base that is always up-to-date without the need for system restarts.


Scale up or scale down your resource requirements whenever you need. All at the click of a button.

Guaranteed Resource Supply

Get access to however many resources you need. No matter the size of your project.

Our Products

VPN Services

Kč72.43CZK monthly


Kč0.00CZK monthly

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