A unique solution.
An empowering experience.
Many hosting providers offer a huge and confusing variety of hosting options which the user has almost no control over. But we do things differently... We’re able to offer a solution that puts you in complete control of your hosting needs however and whenever you choose.

Welcome to Elastic Hosting.

Unique Features

Complete control
over resource usage and costs.
Open prices.
No hidden expenses.
A core base-plan with all essentials.
A full-featured scheduler
to plan resource usage.
Manage resource limits.
All through your personal account.
Pay only for what
you use over each billing cycle.
All resources.
Now in your control.
Elastic hosting makes it possible to instantly increase or decrease resource limits such as disk space. All this without any added fees or commissions. And without the need for a system reboot.
Put simply, you are in complete control of your hosting plan with the ability to make adjustments at any time in order to meet your needs.


Default features included with Elastic Hosting

1GB free Disk space (expandable up to 500GB) with 500KB/s IO speed
1 vCPU core (expandable up to 16 vCPU)
1GB RAM (expandable up to 64GB)
Unlimited bandwidth
MySQL and Postgresql databases
Unlimited domains and subdomains
SSH access
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited email accounts
cPanel hosting-management platform
OneClick app installer

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